3 Great Reasons Not to Hire a Seo Service for Increase Traffic to Your Website

I recently saw an article by Ryan Stewart in which he mentioned that buying SEO Service for your domain is a waste of money. Here in spanish

And this why? Because the user or client tells you: I want to hire you to do SEO to my site_web.com positioning the words a, b and c.

But this does not work like this anymore.

Google search engines are becoming smarter and more and more information on the web so hiring to position a keyword  is throwing money in the trash.

3 Great Reasons Not to Hire a Seo Service

Hiring Seo Service For Increase Traffic to Your Website

So … what can you do ?!

There are 3 simple things you can do to increase traffic to your website:

1. Pay advertising

This is nothing more than paying through Google Adwords to have advertising on your search engines.

In this way, your website will appear in the first places and attract traffic to your website.

This is functional when you have sales sites or services to hire.

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2. Create valuable content

Or the commonly called Seo On Page, that is to say, to create articles of unique and valuable content.

For example, if a user searches for the Best Hearing Aids, Google will first show the results of the pages where different types of hearing aids are shown and compare them.

It is not creating sites with links or misleading advertising; this is detected by Google.

It is to create content that users and Google want to see, in this way you will get more followers in social networks and links in relevant sites that will help position your page.

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3. Optimize your site for the web

Do not just optimize your website for Google, optimize your presence on the web.

Remember that it is SEO (Optimization for search engines) and not GO (Optimization for Google).

If you analyze it a bit Facebook is a search engine, Twitter is a search engine, Amazon is a search engine, Pinterest is a search engine, YouTube is a search engine, Instagram is a search engine, and so you can go on and on …

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Each search platform offers unique benefits to the user, most of the time users go directly to these platforms without going through Google.

What does this mean? How do I optimize my presence on the web?

I’ll explain it to you with an example.

You want to remodel your house.

  • First you go to Pinterest or Instagram looking for ideas with keywords like decorating, decorating room, decorating children room.
  • Then you go to Amazon to find the articles you liked on Instagram or Pinterest to buy.
  • Then you take a walk around Mercado Libre, Ebay or Olx to find cheaper prices.
  • Finally when you finish you share your new decoration on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

What I mean by this is that you promote your site in search engines that relate to your site, where the user spends time looking for information related to your site.

In this way you will catch organic visits in the sites that dominate the first places in Google search.

Does this mean that the SEO Service has gone down in history?

No. means that it is another form of SEO; is to revalue the way of work, is to position your presence on the web in a different way.

It is not positioned in the top 10 places of Google, is to position yourself in the search engine related to your website to get organic traffic, followers who return to your website and share in social networks the value content that you placed or that you sell there .