How to place manual links Amazon Affiliates

In recent weeks, Amazon has implemented new guidelines for people registered in its Amazon Affiliates program. Para español clic aquí

One of these guidelines is not to allow the use of plugin to attach links to your website if you have not made at least 3 sales during the last 30 days.

If you are starting with Amazon Affiliates this article is for you.

Amazon Affiliate Manual Links Tutorial

How to create manual links Amazon Affiliates in your blog without plugin

Amazon, the online sales giant, has multiple divisions that allow you to make money along with them.

Amazon Affiliates is one of the ways to make money online with Amazon.

If you have a website, or plan to open an upcoming one, and you want to generate income with this site, an excellent and well-paid option is Amazon Affiliates.

With this program you can place links in your articles blog on Amazon.

Later, if a visitor to your website clicks on one of these links and makes a purchase on Amazon during the next 24 hours you will earn a commission for the sale made.

How to place the Amazon links on my website

If you have some experience in bloggin, you know that to be affiliated with any website you must have an affiliate code.

Amazon is not the exception.

If you already have your Amazon Affiliate account created then continue reading.

If you still do not have it, then create it first through If you are in the United States if you are in Spain or

It also exists for Mexico, Canada and other countries to which you can register according to your preference.

Why not use a plugin to place the links?

There are different plugins to create these links to Amazon.

The main difference between one and the other is the style of the ad that shows.

Because the more attractive the ad, the more clicks you will get. Well in theory, it does not always happen this way.

There are free and paid plugins.

If you are starting in this and you are thinking about using a plugin that requests API credentials to activate, Amazon will not activate them until you have completed at least 3 sales in the last 30 days.

I may generate the keys but these will not work.

At least that’s what the new Amazon policies say. I have seen Api’s that still work without having a sale.

The truth is that it is best to start with manual links, which in the end is the same as any free plugin that you install.

How to insert the links of Amazon products in my blog?

When you are logged into your Amazon Affiliate account and you enter (or or the market you are working on) you will see a barrar superior like this:

Amazon Affiliate Hand Links

When entering any article, different options will be activated in the following way:

Amazon Affiliate Hand Links

With those options that are activated you can get different html codes to publish.

If you look there you have the options Text, Image, Text + Image


The text option is useful when you want to place a keyword or text that leads to Amazon.

For example, if my post is about airfryers I would put a link in this word that points to the Amazon article with the link I got.


This is my favorite, because you can place the image of your article linking to Amazon.

You can place it Small, Medium or Large:

How to place manual links on your Amazon Affiliates website

Copy the link and put it on your page as an HTML code.

And looking this way:

Amazon Affiliated

If someone clicks on the image it will go directly to the article on Amazon with your affiliate ID.

Text and image

In the text and image option you can enter the link with the image of the article, the name of the item, its price and the option to buy.

Amazon Affiliate manual links

This link in the same way as the previous ones, you copy it as html code in your blog.

In this way, you insert the image throughout the text.

I hope you find this tutorial useful and start generating revenue with Amazon Affiliates.

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