How to make a reading report

Properly preparing a reading report is a fundamental skill in student life and in working life.

Making a reading report is not as simple as it seems. There is a special technique for the preparation of it.

Below is explained in more detail how to make a reading report.

How to make a reading report

How to make a reading report

What is the reading report?

It is the written result of a reading process in which the reader communicates concrete information to a specific receiver.

It can be considered a report on a book, magazine, article or other document read.

Difference between reading report and summary

Report reading is often confused with summary but these documents are not the same.

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In the summary, it is not possible to paraphrase the author’s ideas; instead, in the report, you can express free ideas of the text on which the report is being made.

How to make a reading report

To make a report, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Read carefully the document, book, article, etc.
  2. If there are unknown words, subtract them.
  3. Locate the unknown words to know their meaning.
  4. Reread the document considering that you already know all the existing words.
  5. Underline the main ideas of the document.
  6. Write the reading report according to the steps indicated in the following point.

Parts of the reading report

Parts of the reading report

The reading report is simple to perform.

Its complexity and additional points will depend on who is requesting the report.

When preparing the reading report should include the points listed below:

  • The title of the document and author of the document on which you are making the report.
    Subject on which the report deals.
  • Main ideas of the document on which the report is being made.
  • At this point, the main ideas and important points contained in the document will be explained with the words of the person making the summary.

This is where it is shown that the reading was understood.

Personal opinions. It is at this point that the opinion of the reading is presented, considering considering the arguments of the document studied.

  • It is important to know how to make an adequate report since it will be used from school to professional life.


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