How to increase traffic on my website?

When your store is online, the marketing strategy to attract traffic is different.

Is Facebook and Google Plus the only way to drive traffic from other countries to my website?

How can I drive traffic from other countries to my new website?

How to increase traffic to your website

How to increase traffic to your website

Driving traffic to our website is a very common problem for SEO and online marketing workers.

When your website is an online store, the most used strategy is to publish different articles that attract visitors to the web and as a consequence to the online store.

There are different strategies when you want to increase the number of visits to your website.

Let’s talk a little about this.

Social networks to increase web traffic

Currently there are many social networks, with different interests, different market target, which can direct significant traffic to your website if you use the appropriate social network.

When your website is an online store, social networks are ideal.

1. Tumblr

In this social network you can follow users of the same niche and they in turn follow you and see your content.

Additionally, if your followers like your content, they can republish your publications and get more followers and consequently more traffic to your website.

This network is a mix between Pinterest and Instagram.

2. Instagram

You can post attractive and quality images and get natural followers.

To get traffic to your website you must place the address on your profile so that your followers know where to get you.

3. Reddit

On Reddit you can get massive traffic if your publication is republished. In this network it is very important to be natural.

It is advisable to have a personal account to promote your business.

Transparency is fundamental in Reddit.

4. Facebook

On Facebook you can publish constantly while promoting your page via ADS.

There are also other ways to publish in groups but the most effective is to hire advertising. Only with investing a small amount you can get many likes on your page.

Increase traffic to my website

5. Quora

Quora is similar to Reddit.

There users ask questions and other people answer these questions.

This allows you to direct traffic to your page you are looking for questions related to your niche and responding naturally to, in the end, place a link to your website.

If the user likes your insurance answer, he will click on the link.

6. YouTube

Youtube videos drive traffic to your website.

Making videos of maximum 10 minutes, simple and fresh you will gain followers regularly and who, eventually, will go to your website.

If your site is an online store would be excellent to make videos about product reviews that you offer on your page.

Placing these videos on your website, either in the sales articles or in the published posts improve the time spent on the page, thus improving your ranking in Google,

SEO On-page

Even though social networks are an important key to direct traffic to your website, so are SEO techniques On page.

In this article you will find the main Seo On page techniques recommended.

It is important to optimize your page with these techniques since it will be attractive to Google making you upload in the search results.

And the more people who access your website, the better position Google will grant you in your search engine.


The backlinks are recommended but not in excess, because if Google notices it, it will penalize your page and send you to the latest search sites … And see that it is difficult to get out of there.

To get Backlinks the ideal is to be hired in the different portals dedicated to this business.

You can also chat with some other webmaster and share links in a way that helps each other.

Another option is to make comments on websites that have comments open and leave the link to your page.

These links must be made on authority sites to be meaningful to Google.

Fresh and original content

The more original the content, the more Google will love it.

Keep it updated and with good content, that likes your user and Google.

If you hire a writer, verify that their content is original. For this there are several tools that you can find in Google that allow you to verify if the content is original or a modified copy of a post on the web.

This is one of the most important factors to attract traffic to your website.

Follow these recommendations and for sure you will soon be increasing your web traffic!

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