12 Simple Points to Review Before Publishing A Article

When you write a post or article on your blog you can think of a thousand ideas. Para español clic aqui 

It is not easy to write a good article that attracts audience and encourages them to stay and continue browsing your website.

Here you have 12 points that you should follow as a checklist or checklist before publishing an article that can make it a success.

12 Simple Points to Review Before Publishing an Article

12 points you should check before posting

5 tips to save time writing on your blog and make money

1. Keyword of the article

You must have a plan to optimize the keywords of your article.Google adwords

Include in your article the largest number of words derived from your main keyword is one of the most important points to position your article in Google.

There are different tools to search for derived or long tail keywords.

You can use Google Adwords that gives you very good ideas of combination of words, the number of searches on Google, cpc, competition, among other important data.

There are free tools like https://answerthepublic.com/

This tool gives you options of questions or phrases related to your keyword, making it easier to obtain options for the title and subtitle of your post.

Placing the word or phrase start in Google also gives you excellent sentence ideas for your article.

2. Grammar and spelling

Imagine that you enter an article that promises to be super interesting by the title it contains and you find that it is full of spelling errors.

Oh God!

This is why it is very important that you check that you do not have embarrassing errors in your spelling before publishing.

For this you have WordPress spell checkers.

You can also write your article in Word first, pass the spell checker and then take it to WordPress.

3. Title of the article

For the title I recommend two ways.

Each one will depend on what your article is about.

The first is to start with a number, as in the case of this article you are reading.

Readers like to read lists of points, while more points more attractive.

The other way that is attractive to the reader is to answer questions.

How … ?

Where … ?

When … ?

This type of titles will attract visitors to your blog because it is the way people search their inquiries on Google.

Use good adjectives and convincing sentences.

4. The first paragraph

The first paragraph is the most important.

If the reader likes the first paragraph he will continue reading.

If you do not like it, it will go out and go to another website.

Let your first paragraph tell your reader the wonders you will find in the following paragraphs.

5. Subtitles H2, H3

Subtitles are important because Google recognizes them as important in your publication.

They allow you to organize your article and locate the reader for each point and relevance of the information.

In addition, the Google robot indexes articles better and understands your content better.

6. Permalink

Permalink is the url of your article.url permalink

Your keyword must be in this url.

Remember that this is the address of your article on the internet.

There are different ways of recommended permalink.

I particularly recommend the form https://www.thenameoftublog.com/thenameoftupost

From my point of view, the Google robot does not think so much and indexes easier.

Other authors recommend the form https://www.elnombredetublog.com/categoria/elnombredetupost

According to his point of view Google sees it more organized and indexes more easily.

This depends on each webmaster.

7. Categories

Verify that you are choosing the indicated categories.

This can help keep your audience interested in the site.

With the categories the reader can go to other articles after reading the post that brought it to your website.

8. Tags

In my particular the labels are important mainly by social networks.

I used to think “categories and labels are the same, so you can use both”

Of course, social networks were not as active at that time.

Now that social networks are an important key to attract visitors to your blog, I understand its importance.

When you share in your social networks in an automated way, these tags will be your # hashtag.

The https://www.all-hashtag.com page gives you hashtag tops and very good ideas for your labels.

9. Main image

The images are also important.

The thumbnail is the first thing your reader sees when they browse your website. This should be striking and attract the click.

It should be ideal for when your post is shared by users.

Each and every one of the images that you place in your post must have a meaning.

The infographic is important in these times of social networks.

10. Image attribute

Important to write the attribute of the image including the keywords.

The attribute helps index your article.

Even if a user is looking for images, with the words that you put in the Google attribute, you will find it and take the user to your blog.

11. Meta description

Write a description that your readers have to click on and get to your page.

If you use the Yoast plugin it will be easy to reach the meta description.

The meta description is the description you see below the title in Google search results.

It is important that you include your keyword there.

12. Previsual

After doing all this you must make a preview to your article and see how it was correcting possible errors.

Also you would check:

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