5 tips to save time on your blog and make money online

If you have your blog and you are the one who writes, audits SEO, publishes, does the marketing, everything that is done with a blog and you need to save time to make lots of money online, this article is for you!

And if you are also a mother of little kids who do not give you time to comb your hair, then do not miss reading this post.

All this is my case, I write and manage my websites, in addition to that I have a job outside the home, two children at home and a husband who also demands his time 😉

How to save time working on your blog

How to save time working on your blog and earn more money

Even if you are only dedicated to your blogs you need to be as productive as possible since this means more money!

Then I tell you 5 techniques that I use to be more efficient and productive in my work, publishing more and earning more money online.

5 tips to save time writing on your blog and make money

Tip No. 1: Avoid distractions

Avoid distractions and make money onlineManage the distractions that you can control.

For example, change your mobile, change to silent mode and keep it away from you to avoid the temptation to enter Instagram or Facebook to see what’s new.

This usually happens to me very often and what I do is change the phone in silence and keep it in a drawer. This is how I forget my mobile phone and I can concentrate on writing.

Another controllable distraction is emails.

If you have your PC configured to give you a notice when you receive an email, remove this option when you are going to write, because when you see the notification of a new email you will see what it is about, losing the concentration of what you were doing.

If you work at home with your children this is a bit complicated, since you can not put a “STOP! I’m going to write an article”.

You can organize at home so that household chores do not interrupt your work.

I usually write, which is the task that demands the most concentration when the children sleep, either the afternoon nap or early in the morning.

Then I leave the housework for when they are already awake and active (which is usually most of the day).

Have a program for them as well as time to color, a TV time, things that entertain them and thus have a little more time to watch the PC.

It is not easy, but it can be done.

Tip No. 2 Create a calendar

program of the publicationsAt the beginning of the month, make a program of the publications and days that you will do and have an effort to adjust to it.

Place in this program the possible articles of which you could write and the ideas of the content of these articles (I tell you more about this in Tip N ° 3).

Try as much as possible to fulfill the program.

Start with a simple program, if you do it very tight and demanding you will end up frustrated because you have not met even half. Then with the passage of the months sees making it more demanding according to how you see how much you can fulfill it.

I have on my desk an almanac in which I have marked the days that I am going to publish, and it is not that I fulfill it 100% because as I said before I have children, but I try to fulfill it as much as I can.

When I go ahead of the program, I make articles and leave them scheduled to be published later.

Planning and organization are key in this work.

Which brings us to tip N ° 3

Tip No. 3 Make an outline of your article

Make an outline of your article

You can do this when you are developing your monthly program that you comment on Tip No. 2.

While you write the ideas of articles, also write a scheme of more or less the content of the post.

This way it will be easier to remember and write the article when your time comes.

The scheme would be something like this:



Subtitle 1

Subtitle 2

Subtitle 3

Put in each subtitle a summary of what you want to write in that subtitle.

This technique will make the writing of your post incredibly faster.

Tip No. 4 Google Alerts
What if I do not know what to write?

I give you a great technique to find ideas for new articles.

Google has an option called Google Alerts.

In Google Alerts you can configure alerts so that you receive notices of the new news in the area where you publish.

For example if your blog is over fashion, set the alert so you receive notifications of “fashion”.

Then every morning you will have news in the fashion world in your mail tray, this will give you many ideas for new updated publications per day.

Try on! It’s excellent!

Tip No. 5 Email marketing

How do your subscribers know you published a new article?

Well, notifying them that you made a new publication.

This will not only attract new subscribers, but more visits.

If you do not have this automated process it will be crazy to send emails to as many subscribers as your blog has.

For this there are email marketing services.

Some free, others paid.

Of course the paid options offer more advantages.

I, in particular, use the free Google service called feedburner.

It works pretty well for me to get subscribers as well as to send them emails when I have a new publication.

With these tips you can publish more in less time.

And while more publications, more visits and more money.

Not only more publications, quality publications that is what every reader wants to find on the website to which they subscribe.

So do not stop applying them.

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See you!

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