11 strategies to attract visits to your blog

Designing a blog in WordPress to attract visits is a great challenge for all Blogger. Para español clic aquí

WordPress has a variety of themes to make different designs on your blog.

But how to attract visitors to my blog?

increase visits on my blog

11 simple strategies to attract visits to your blog

Some easy-to-apply strategies that could help you increase traffic to your website are:

1. Easy quizzes

Fill simple questionnaires is a common way to attract visitors to your website.

According to studies carried out, Internet users like to fill out simple questionnaires that give them comparative results with their score.

You can create these surveys, games or questionnaires with the Riddle, SurveyFunnel, Dilemma plugins, among others.

2. Ask for comments from your audience

Asking your audience to rate or comment on your website is a good way to get points of improvement.

Answering these comments or expressing your appreciation for the comments makes your audience feel part of the process.

3. Offers gifts

You can offer ebooks, games, discounts, or whatever you can think of to reward visits and subscriptions on your website.

4. Original content of your users

You can request collaboration from your users.

Publish your content, write an article, do an interview.

This will appeal not only to your audience but to your user’s audience.

How to increase visits with wordpress

5. Activate comments

The option to leave comments on your website allows your visitors to interact and express their opinions.

This encourages them to enter again and review the responses to their comments and encourage new visits.

6. Share the new content in your social networks

There are different wordpress plugins that allow you to share your posts on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Set up these publications in a way that attracts visits to your website when you click for more information on the published article.

7. Index in the search engines

For your publications to be indexed by the main search engines you must configure the Google and Bing search engines for this.

If your posts are not indexed search engines will not know they are there and netizens will not find it.

8. Invite your friends to read your blog

Send emails and messages with links to your new articles or updates to publications.

You can also add a subscription box with Google Feeburner and so, those who subscribe, will receive your new publications.

9. Carefully select your categories and / or labels

Placing the appropriate categories and / or labels is important so that people can find you.

I particularly place only categories since I did not see the labels as useful.

However I have found a useful use to the labels and # is because these will be those that are placed in the publications of social networks and that will make users reach my website.

10. Comment on other blogs.

Search for blogs that are similar to your niche and make comments in which you can place references to your blog.

This will bring traffic to your site from people who are looking for information related to what you shared.

Discovery Magazine is an interesting website to find blogs related to different niches.

11. Publish frequently

Blogs that have published frequently develop audience faster than those that do not.

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